Vehicle Fire Suppression

We can offer design, installation and maintenance of vehicle fire suppression systems ranging from dry power applications to AFFF suppressant systems.

Available Cylinder Sizes

• 13 lb. (Vertical Mount)

• 25 lb. (Vertical Mount)

• 25 lb. (Horizontal Mount)

• 50 lb. (Vertical Mount)

• 50 lb. (Vertical Mount – Short Cylinder)

Vehicle fire suppression cylinders

Detection Network

Nozzles and distribution control panel system status is constantly monitored by the control panel and communicated to the vehicle operator by visual LED indicators and an audible alarm. The control panel connects to system wiring by modular colour coded, click lock connectors. Fire detection can be provided by fixed temperature thermostats, or linear or Safe-IR detectors.

Any combination can be used as necessary.

Fire suppression agent is delivered to hazard areas by fixed, high capacity, fast flow machined brass nozzles, allowing for immediate and automatic vehicle fire suppression, crucial to saving both lives and machinery.

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