Intercom Systems

An audio or video intercom system is a device that allows communication to an entrance point, usually with door opening capabilities. Audio intercoms have a call point at the entry and a phone type handset inside the property.

An audio intercom system is a device that allows you to communicate with an entrance point. Audio intercom systems normally have a call point at the entrance and an entry phone handset inside the property. The intercom system is usually set-up to open a gate or door directly from the handset, greatly increasing the security of your premises by allowing you to verify the identity of those who wish to enter any restricted areas.

Intercom GroupAudio intercom systems can also be set-up so that different areas of your premises have different reception points and call buttons, meaning visitors can contact and speak to the specific and relevant area of your business. This makes audio intercom and entry phone systems perfect for multi-tenanted or multi-department premises.

At FSE Security Systems we offer a full range of simple and intuitive solutions designed to meet any installation requirement. Our free site surveys carried out by expert engineers will allow for you to be given personally tailored advice in choosing the best intercom system for you and your premises. The audio kits offer the highest level of flexibility and superlative performance for every type of installation, from individual homes to the largest residential complex. We also supply multi-residential wireless and GSM systems with solutions for gated entry, including video, wireless audio and GSM.

Whether you’re looking for simple one-way residential intercoms or multi-way vandal resistant systems, call us today. We have a solution to satisfy your requirements.

If you require any further details or cannot find what you are looking for, please call and speak with one of our friendly team.

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