Hygienic Door Opening Solutions

Experts say that the Coronavirus can survive on door handles for up to nine days.* Our hygienic door opening solutions protect your people and give staff confidence in the workplace.

When current restrictions ease, and people start returning to work, businesses will have a responsibility to minimise the spread of COVID-19 within their premises.

Door entry and access systems offer a huge potential for cross-contamination if they are used by people carrying an infection or virus.

Our range of hygienic door opening solutions offer a simple, cost effective and hygienic solution to controlling the spread of virus within the workplace.

Open Doors Without Touching Them

Hygienic Door Opening

• Hands-free door opening

• Prevents transfer of a virus or bacteria to your hands

• Stainless steel and steel

• Anti-microbial (silver-ion) paint option

How Does it Work?

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